KP Chair Holds Talks on Diamonds With Burkina Faso President

Finance and Trade
07/09/2016 08:14

As part of his ‘Africa Initiative’, KP Chair Ahmed Bin Sulayem has met the President of Burkina Faso, Roch Marc Christian Kabore, for discussions on compliance, border controls and legitimization in rough diamond trade. "Burkina Faso, despite being a non-diamond producing nation, has developed a reputation for its willingness to address the illicit trade across a number of commodities, including rough diamonds," the KP Chair said in a statement. Compliance protocols, border controls and security were part of the talks between the two leaders, and Kabore expressed his readiness to take all necessary steps in their bid towards legitimacy in this particular area of focus.

“It’s important to show tangible support for developing nations, especially when they have expressed a strong desire to embrace growth, while at the same time researching how they might implement better compliance protocols to international standards; Burkina Faso is one of those nations,” said Bin Sulayem.

Kabore said that creating better infrastructure to implement and monitor trade, using KP mandates, is of great interest to Burkina Faso which is about to embark on research into rough diamond trading and will consider applying for membership of the Kimberly Process.