Cartier Reopening Fifth Avenue Flagship Store Next Month

31/08/2016 13:27

Cartier is preparing for the reopening of its flagship store on New York’s Fifth Avenue following renovations at the 653 Fifth Avenue maison that began in 2014. The jewelry giant opened a temporary storefront further up the famous New York street to ensure service continued for locals and travelers alike. The September opening that dovetails with the fashion shows in the city.

With the renovations nearly complete, Cartier has begun to promote its newly updated flagship through sponsored social posts and an email blast sent to those already subscribed to receive its newsletters. Both the sponsored posts and email messaging feature a computer rendering of Fifth Avenue at night. In the center of the message is a larger-than-life Cartier red gift box, slightly ajar to show the flagship boutique as if it were a piece of jewelry being unveiled from its packaging.

Pierre Cartier, the son of Louis-François Cartier, the brand’s founder, acquired the building in 1917. The neo-Renaissance style property came into Cartier’s possession by trading the homeowner a pearl necklace, valued at $1 million, for the mansion on Fifth Avenue. The pearl necklace has now been reproduced by Cartier and will be on display at the Fifth Avenue flagship as it reopens after its two-and-a-half-year transformation.