Chow Tai Fook Launching "4Ts" Diamond Tracking Campaign

16/08/2016 10:56

“To Tell the Truth” is the tagline of Chow Tai Fook's brand differentiation campaign designed to generate consumer confidence by enabling customers to track the journey of its diamonds from source to finger. Campaign Asia-Pacific writes, "Chow Tai Fook claims to have developed a patented technology that allows it to emblazon each diamond with a 'T mark'", or a unique serial number engraved on each stone, enabling the traceability of the stone from its source through processing, cutting, polishing, authentication and design. The company claims the technology produces the smallest mark in the industry - so small that another piece of patented technology, a 150X microscope, is required to see it. The "four Ts": for traceable, transparent, truthful and thoughtful. The T Mark will be applied to most of the company’s stones starting from 0.15 carats, SI clarity and K color.

Alan Chan, director of group branding department at Chow Tai Fook, said while other brands "have had the idea of setting a standard related to the journey of diamonds for some time, but we are the only ones commanding the resources and production scale to do so." Campaign Asia-Pacific particpated in the "tech-heavy retail experience", which the brand manager in the group branding department described as "the area where we try to engage with customers by explaining the concept of 4T and, using interactive platforms, take them along their favoured diamond's historical journey." In the retail 'experience zone', the brand provides a detailed explanation of the 4T concept, aided by holographic representations, and explains how the 'T mark' tracks the entire process of diamond making, how the information is open to the public and hence transparent and trustworthy, and how the usual 4C information is authenticated by GIA. The experience zone only exists in a select number of stores at the moment, but the brand plans to expand it across its market, including China.