U.S. Polished Diamond Imports Steady, Prices Down 6.4%

Finance and Trade
08/08/2016 13:39

Imports of polished diamonds to the U.S. increased 0.3% to $1.72 billion, writes Rapaport News citing the latest (unspecified) government figures, "underlining continued stability in the largest market for diamond jewelry." The volume of polished imports, however, increased 7.2% to 790,061 carats, and accordingly, the average price fell 6.4% to $2,171 per carat. Meanwhile, polished exports dipped 3% to $2.59 billion. Rough diamond imports, on the other hand, increased 9.5% to $23 million, while rough exports spiked to $50 million, which Rapaport says marks a "fourfold" increase. In the first half of 2016, polished imports declined 0.3% to $12.2 billion and polished exports declined 1.7% to $9.99 billion. Meanwhile, "rough imports almost tripled to $349.9 million and rough exports more than tripled to $232 million."