'Dusty Old Chair' Proves Good Investment After Diamond Jewelry Found in it

Fun Facts
01/08/2016 09:29

Throwing away old furniture? It's worth checking carefully as you never know what you might find, according to a story from the UK where a couple bought a dusty old chair for just £5 at an auction – and years later discovered diamond jewelry worth £5,000 ($6,600) hidden inside it. The couple bought the chair around 10 years ago, but could not afford to have it reupholstered at the time and instead kept it in their attic for six years. Eventually they had the chair reupholstered and the husband surprised his wife with a diamond ring for their wedding anniversary that he found hidden down inside the chair. But that wasn't the end of it: he also gave his wife a pair of diamond earrings the following Valentine's Day, and a diamond brooch at Easter that also came from the chair.