Get Consumers Involved by Telling Them the Story of Their Jewelry

31/07/2016 13:09

Shouldn't we be telling consumers the back-story about how the jewelry they are being offered was created, asks the JCK's Rob Bates. "Craftsmanship is basic to an item. It’s how it gets its value. It’s what makes it beautiful. And yet many don’t know all the intricate, painstaking work that goes into making a piece of jewelry. But it’s a great story. And it could be one of our industry’s best selling points. Wouldn’t jewelry consumers enjoy meeting the person who designed their ring or cut its center stone or was part of the team that found it in a mine?" Consumers, after all, are not just buying a product, but buying it "from someone who put their heart and soul into it." 

Consumers could be fascinated to get a peek behind the scenes of the jewelry business. Perhaps they would be interested in learning about the process via video and online, he suggests. "If there is a good story behind it, they will surely relay it to their friends. Today’s consumers have the ability to buy just about anything. But they don’t have a ton of money to do it. It’s not surprising that they are choosy—and that when they spend, they want their money’s worth. The problem for our industry is that many of them—particularly young consumers—don’t understand why jewelry costs so much. We need to tell them," Bates concludes.