ABN AMRO's Erik Jens Sees Consolidation Ahead in Diamond Industry

26/07/2016 17:43

We at ABN AMRO support initiatives that create more insight into the value chain, its key players, engages with the right side of the market and excludes areas which show less transparency or no willingness to learn and improve. We see other banks doing the same more and more. In the end there will only be credit lines available for companies with good corporate standards and track record, whether they are small or big doesn't matter ... We expect more consolidation and certain companies going out of business. It's a healthy development, where only strong and modern companies can survive, particularly those that look at innovation and diversification.

- Erik Jens, Head of Diamond & Jewellery Clients - ABN AMRO, on diamond industry initiatives to promote transparency, sustainability, CSR & responsible sourcing, interview with Rough-Polished.