Mozambique Confirms Discovery of Diamonds

Mining and Exploration
22/07/2016 13:10

Mozambique's National Director of Mines Elias Daude last week confirmed that diamonds had been discovered in the Massangena district of the Gaza province, writes Mining Weekly. He declined to tell the Maputo newspaper Notícias how many diamonds had so far been found, but stated that exploration and prospecting activities by both local and international companies were continuing. “What I will say is that Mozambique is a country rich in almost all types of mineral resources, including diamonds, but, unfortunately, we have not had the good fortune to make a thorough study and start exploration yet,” said Daude. “There are, however, companies doing research in Massangena and this has resulted in the discovery of diamonds.” Daude did not reveal how many companies are currently exploring for diamonds in Mozambique (the newspaper established that 21 companies and six individuals had been awarded 40 diamond exploration licences in 2011). He told the paper that almost all the companies hunting for diamonds were focused on Gaza. (The Save River valley is considered to be prospective for diamonds).

Duade also emphasized the necessity for Mozambique to comply with the Kimberley Process (KP) in order to allow it to export diamonds. “Experts from the Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy are spearheading the process, so that diamonds can be exported legally,” he pointed out. Mining Weekly writes that, "Just a day after Daude’s interview was published, a committee from the KP arrived in Mozambique to review the country’s progress in meeting its requirements. The Maputo government has approved a number of measures to support its application to join the KP. These include the creation of a supervising agency, the Kimberley Process Management Unit, and a decree which regulates diamond, precious metal and gem sales. These measures will come into effect on November 20."