World Diamond Council Elects Stéphane Fischler Vice President

13/07/2016 11:59

The World Diamond Council (WDC) today has elected Stéphane Fischler as Vice President and Ronald (Ronnie) VanderLinden as Treasurer. Udi Sheintal is to remain as Corporate Secretary. At the first meeting of the term, WDC’s Board of Directors elects officers from among its members for two-year terms. Stéphane Fischler, a founding and charter member of the WDC since its inception in 2000, was also recently re-elected President of the Antwerp World Diamond Centre, an appointment he has held since 2012. Fischler is a former Chairman of the International Diamond Council, Vice President and board member of the Diamond Development Initiative, Treasurer of the International Diamond Manufacturers Association and Vice President of the Syndicate of the Belgian Diamond Industry. Ronald VanderLinden is currently President of the US Jewelry Council and the International Diamond Manufacturers Association.

Since its establishment in 2000, the WDC has, together with governments and civil society groups, created the Kimberley Process (KP) and the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS), a system that would prevent diamonds from conflict areas from entering the legitimate trade. The primary objective of the WDC is to represent the diamond industry in the development and implementation of regulatory and voluntary systems to control the trade in diamonds embargoed by the United Nations or covered by the KPCS. Consequently, it has been at the forefront of every KP initiative and has been involved in moderating every challenge faced by its members. It also plays a key role in keeping the KP relevant by continuing to encourage strict adherence to KP standards, to offer support for capacity building and by serving as the industry's leading voice regarding KP and conflict-diamond related issues. Andrey Polyakov is the current President of the WDC.