Global Witness: "Real" Diamonds Should Emphasize Real Appeal to Millennials

Retail and Consumer Confidence
28/06/2016 12:18

Speaking to the new campaign the Diamond Producers Association (DPA) launched at JCK Las Vegas earlier this month, "Real is rare, real is a diamond", Global Witness argues that if diamond industry advertisers truly wish to appeal to their target audience - the millennial generation - then they would be best served by emphasizing the real good that the diamond industry does in the countries in which it mines. "According to the findings, for a generation living in an increasingly transient and virtual world, lasting and authentic connections are increasingly elusive and inversely desirable. A diamond, the slogan suggests, embodies these coveted qualities. But if millennials, the most socially conscious generation ever, want something really rare, they shouldn’t ask if a diamond is real, they should ask if it’s responsibly sourced." And the natural diamond industry, from mine to finger, should be prepared to provide the assurance they demand.

The message is clear as Global Witness asks, "Can the diamond industry ensure that diamonds reap real benefits right across the supply chain, especially where the need is greatest? Surely that’s something that would appeal much more to social conscious millennials. Wouldn’t it be great for them to know that in buying a diamond they are doing their bit to support sustainable livelihoods of local communities engaged in its mining? Or that the diamond mining industry is funding health and education in developing countries where free access to basic services is not guaranteed? It’s not something that the lab-based synthetic diamond industry can offer. Responsibly sourced, mined diamonds will appeal to socially conscious millennials. It’s a win-win situation but there is a long way to go to achieve this across the sector. Real is rare? Well responsibly sourced is rarer still and infinitely more precious in the very real sense of the word."