Mountain Province Confirms Q3 Gahcho Kué Production Start

Mining and Exploration
21/06/2016 08:54

Mountain Province Diamonds Inc. reports that based on progress to date, its Gahcho Kué mine should start production during the third quarter of this year. Mechanical completion of the primary crusher and commissioning of the process plant continues to progress well, and the exact time for the start of production will depend on progress with the remaining commissioning, the company said in a statement.

Mountain Province President and CEO Patrick Evans commented: “Key areas of focus are finalization of commissioning of the process plant, remaining earthworks, pre-stripping and mining of kimberlite, as well as preparations for operational readiness. The project also continues to meet our lending group’s tests-to-completion with a total of $278 million drawn against the $370 million facility.” In anticipation of first production, Mountain Province has concluded all the necessary contract arrangements to be in a position to receive, sort and sell its share of diamond production from Gahcho Kué.

Mountain Province Diamonds owns 49% of Gahcho Kué, with De Beers Canada owning the rest of the mine which is located in Canada's Northwest Territories.