DPA's Lieberherr Explains Thinking Behind 'Real Is Rare' Slogan

Finance and Trade
16/06/2016 08:00

The Diamond Producers Association's (DPA) 'Real is rare. Real is a diamond' slogan launched at the JCK Show Las Vegas appeared to be aimed at countering lab-grown diamonds, but DPA CEO Jean-Marc Lieberherr tells JCK's Rob Bates that although he understands that reaction, synthetic diamonds were not part of its thinking. "The diamond producers are in this to make a long-term generational commitment to the industry. There is nothing tactical in anything we are doing," Lieberherr explains.

"The strategic imperative is to establish a deep emotional connection with the new [Millennial] generation, which the diamond category has not. Many young consumers have not been exposed to diamond category messaging. The most successful brands and categories appeal to consumers on an emotional level. They are not sold as status symbols, not as symbols of luxury, not riding on conventions. But they have a story to tell that appeals to consumers emotionally. The emotional appeal has been lost a little bit in translation; the rituals have taken over in the way that we communicate. Our strategic objective is to establish that emotional connection." ‘Real is rare’ "is the big human truth we are building on," Lieberherr conclues.