Rio Tinto Aiming for Younger Buyers With Focus on Origin

06/06/2016 08:19

Rio Tinto is focusing its global diamond sales and marketing initiatives on tracked jewelry collections "with a clear and transparent chain of custody, from the mine to the market" particularly aimed at the younger generation who want clear information regarding the provenance of gems. Simon Trott, managing director of Rio Tinto Diamonds, said: “Increasingly the value of a diamond is tied to where and how the diamond was mined, how it was cut and polished and the process of bringing it to sale. This is a very reasonable expectation that is steadily reshaping the diamond industry for the better.”

The provenance of its diamonds and the consequent business opportunities such a strategy provides is the focus of Rio Tinto Diamonds' message during participation in the JCK Las Vegas show which ends today. Bruno Sané, general manager of marketing for Rio Tinto Diamonds, said: “We see a unique business opportunity for the industry to tap into the changing expectations of a new generation of consumers who want to know where their diamonds come from."