Dominion Delaying Work on Jay Kimberlite Pipe

Mining and Exploration
03/06/2016 07:53

Dominion Diamond Corp is delaying work on the Jay kimberlite pipe in Canada’s Northwest Territories in which the company holds a majority interest which would add a decade to the lifespan of its Ekati mine. It can maintain continuous production at Ekati without starting major construction at Jay this year. The initial design basis for the Jay feasibility study (FS) had assumed the commencement of major construction this year. But changes to the Ekati mine plan have made feasible the delivery of a continuous ore supply to the Ekati processing plant that allows further optimization of the Jay Project.

Dominion is completing the Jay FS based on a revised development schedule. The new schedule assumes that the construction of an all-season access road to the shoreline of Lac du Sauvage would occur in 2017, followed by construction of the water retention dike and associated infrastructure in 2018 to 2020, with dike instrumentation, dewatering and the start of pre-stripping in 2021, and mining and processing of Jay kimberlite by late 2022.

Jay is the most significant undeveloped deposit at the Ekati diamond mine due to its large size and high grade. Jay is located beneath Lac du Sauvage, a moderate sized lake north of Lac de Gras, and is approximately 1.2 km from the shoreline. The Jay pipe is approximately 7 km to the northeast of the Misery Pit and related infrastructure, and 30km to the southeast of the main Ekati mine infrastructure.