World Diamond Council: Targeting Industry Understanding of Kimberley Process

16/05/2016 07:45

With the 37th World Diamond Congress starting today (Monday) and the Kimberley Process intercessional meeting that follows in Dubai, IDEX Online Deputy Editor David Brummer spoke to the World Diamond Council (WDC) about its role in the diamond industry and its relationship with the Kimberley Process. He asks about the impact of the WDC in eradicating conflict diamonds, the issue of diamond smuggling, and the WDC's System of Warranties which aims to extend the effectiveness of the Kimberley Process and transmit the confirmation of conflict-free origin of diamonds further down the diamond pipeline to the jewelry consumer.

In addition, the WDC answers questions about diamonds from the Central African Republic, the 2015 Amnesty International report into conflict diamonds, possible changes in the definition of what constitutes a conflict diamond, and responsible sourcing and codes of ethics.