Diamantaire Calls for Detente Between Natural & Synthetic Diamond Producers, End to Negativity

Finance and Trade
03/05/2016 08:38

De Beers' increase in the price of rough diamonds in April for the first time in one year, albeit only by about 2%, is an encouraging sign, writes diamantaire Melvin Moss, adding that although the diamond market will still take a year or two to recover the news is positive. Indian cutters have increased output and diamonds are selling with polished prices stable. "VS and SI goods are hot but GIA reports are inconsistent making it very difficult to purchase tightly graded diamonds."

Moss also mentions the need for more efforts by miners to promote diamonds, and also the unhelpful negative comments made by miners of natural mined diamonds and the makers of laboratory grown diamonds against each other. "Diamond miners have been wrongly singled out for not trying to improve their ethical and environmental practices. The most recent attack has come from the manufacturers and purveyors of laboratory grown diamonds. It is simply wrong to say that diamond miners are not working to improve the economies of producing countries. It is wrong to say that mining is economically and ecologically negative. It is wrong to relate diamonds to atrocities in countries that are torn apart by corrupt politicians and terrorism. It is the not diamonds or diamond miners that bring about blood and corruption. Natural and laboratory grown diamond producers are wrong to attack each other. The fact is that laboratory grown diamonds exist and their properties cannot be denied. They are a jewelry product just as Pandora is a jewelry product. Laboratory grown producers have a right to market their product and the natural diamond industry has no right to try to impede their legitimate marketing. Equally important, laboratory grown producers must market their diamonds responsibly and not attack natural diamonds. There is room in jewelry stores for new products but there is no room for negativity concerning diamonds."