Decline in Weddings a Bad Sign For Bridal Jewelry Sales

02/05/2016 08:36

Bridal jewelry, traditionally a solid source of income for jewelers, could come under a long-term threat after new figures in Britain showed a sharp drop in the number of people getting married. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) reported the number of people getting married for the first time has fallen to a record low, with just 2.5% of single women in England and Wales marrying in 2013. In addition, the number of weddings also dropped for the first time since 2009.

There were 240,854 marriages in 2013, a drop of 8.6% from 2012, and a 40% decline in 40 years, according to figures published by The Daily Telegraph. The ONS said that marriage numbers have been declining since 1972, however it suggested that the sharp drop in 2013 could have been releated to fears and superstitions about the number 13.