Will Light Performance Help Standardize Diamond Grading?

11/04/2016 09:45

The contentious issue of certificates and the different labs decision-making standards on cut, angles and symmetry ratios could be aided by work taking place on defining the criteria that determine a diamond’s optimum performance when it comes to reflecting and transmitting light, writes Rahul Jauhari, the Commercial Director India for HRD Antwerp, in Gemkonnect. "Light performance could well be the one criterion that overrides all the other criteria when it comes to determining whether or not a diamond has been cut the very best way it could have been.

"Using light performance as the measure of a diamond’s excellence has the advantage of enabling a retailer to tell a stronger story that is more easily accepted by the consumer and allows her to better connect with the stone itself and be more open to the idea of engaging in the whole idea of acquiring the product in the first place. Our results indicate that most of the diamonds cut to our triple excellent or hearts and arrows parameters show the best light performance. We have had initial consumer feedback — particularly from the South-East Asia, Far East and China — that shows an enthusiastic connection with the idea of light performance in the diamond. Some proprietary cuts have done well with these consumers because they have generated the best light performance. Once there is enough data to establish norms, we might see the end of the vexing differences in the scientific opinions of what constitutes the best cut for a diamond," he concluded in the Gemkonnect article.