GIA to Launch Synthetic Melee Screening Service

03/04/2016 09:32

The GIA is to start using a screening machine for detecting lab-grown diamonds in batches of melee in the next few months, JCK reports. It will not be offered to the trade, however, unlike the melee-screening device that De Beers has developed. The automated device can screen synthetics and treated diamonds from batches of D-to-Z round melee-size stones. It can also sort melee by size and color. The cost of the service will be size-dependent but will likely start at about 10 cents per stone. The machine can process around 1,800 stones per hour, from 0.005 carat to 0.2 carat, with the melee then sealed in secure packaging for return to the client or shipment to a third party, JCK added.