State-of-the-Art Diamond Cutting Facility Coming To Texas

16/03/2016 09:37

The Diamond Doctor, a prominent and well-respected jewelry wholesaler and retailer in Dallas, is joining with Southwest Diamond Cutters, founded by a fifth-generation master diamond cutter, to establish a new state-of-the-art diamond cutting facility that will serve retail and wholesale clients across the U.S., reports Business Wire. The facility will house 14 diamond cutters and support staff and is scheduled to open in mid-2016 following the completion of building renovations. Cutters at the new facility will produce polished diamonds from rough cutting as well as from older diamonds that need refurbishing and recutting. Each of the cut diamonds will be certified by independent, third-party laboratories in the U.S. “I have always believed that being a vertically integrated diamond business ultimately benefits the consumer,” said David Blank, owner of The Diamond Doctor. “This new venture will allow us to manage the diamond cutting process, minimizing third-party costs. Ultimately, the consumer will benefit by being able to buy high-quality, lower-priced products.”