Diamond Services Bringing Synthetic Detection to Israel Diamond Exchange

15/03/2016 13:20

Diamond Services (Hong Kong), a developer and provider of gemmological services and technology that is able to accurately detect HPHT and CVD lab-grown synthetic diamonds and HPHT colour-treated diamonds, as well as diamond simulants, will expand its services to the Israel Diamond Exchange. Diamond Services started offering synthetic diamond screening services directly to the Chinese diamond trade through the Shanghai facilities of NGGC, the state-owned gem laboratory that is one of the largest grading institutes in China, and plans to rollout services to diamond centers around the world, writes IDEX Online. "With increasing reports of lab-grown diamonds being sold without proper disclosure, or, even worse, with grading reports that mask their true identity, it is becoming increasingly imperative that diamond traders verify whether their merchandise is natural or not,” said Diamond Services CEO and president, Joseph Kuzi.