Mark Boston: Imitation is the Lowest Form of Flattery

Finance and Trade
14/03/2016 10:56

Starting out with a discussion of the Elizabeth Taylor-Richard Burton love affair and reports that she sometimes wore replicas of the famous diamonds that she was given, diamond broker Mark Boston writes in GemKonnect that he could not imagine her doing so. He then attacks moissanite maker Charles & Colvard for being "cynically and calculatingly opportunistic" and "setting a new low in marketing" in presenting a product that is simply a copy of the real thing and then claiming that it is an "ethical" alternative to natural diamonds.

"What sort of symbolism do we derive from [Charles & Colvard's] Forever One line of moissanite jewelry? Even that brand name hitches a ride on the famous A Diamond Is Forever that established the original firmly as a symbol of a relationship. You don’t have to buy a million-dollar diamond to bend it like Burton. You can do it by choosing a symbol of your own. But that symbol has to stand in its own right. Buying a product whose chief boast is that it copies another is only for those who want to live in a pretend world that derives value from the rather pale reflection of something else, Boston concludes in his GemKonnect blog.