Lucara Sending 1,111-Ct Diamond on Roadshow for Buyers

Finance and Trade
09/03/2016 10:11

E-mails "are streaming in" from collectors wanting to buy the 1,111-carat diamond, the second-largest gem quality diamond ever found, according to Lucara CEO William Lamb. There have been offers as high as $30 million for the diamond which is to be sold at auction in the first half of this year. "We will take the stone on a roadshow, Lamb said on Canada's CBC TV station. "The details around the road show are very secret because it is potentially the highest value item on the planet." Sotheby's will auction the stone, targeting a group of ultra-high net worth individuals, diamond dealers and collectors

Lamb said Lucara has decided to sell the stone in its rough form. "Because of its historical significance, nobody can really say whether it's more valuable in the polished form or the rough form. There will be collectors who will look to own the world's largest uncut diamond," he said.