Hostile Comments On Stuller Selling Lab-Grown

02/03/2016 21:22

"We received some hostile comments to our story about Stuller selling lab-grown diamonds. This puzzles me. First, Stuller already sells moissanite and other lab-created gems; this was a logical and not out-of-character move for it. And while I understand why some in the industry fear lab-grown diamonds, they are a legitimate, legal product (provided they are sold legitimately and legally), which are not going away. They are now part of our industry, and may play an even bigger role in the future. I know many have an issue with the way some  lab-grown diamond producers market their stones, as they feel their marketing casts aspersions on natural diamonds. But that’s all the more reason why it’s good to have a company like Stuller—which, like many jewelers, has skin in the natural game—selling them responsibly."

JCK News Director Rob Bates on the comments he received after publishing the news that US jewelry manufacturer Stuller, who on a different note have decided to give up sightholdership, is selling lab-grown diamonds