Mbada Diamonds Wins Reprieve As Zimbabwe Court Overturns Govt Ban - Reuters

Mining and Exploration
01/03/2016 09:38

A Zimbabwean court has ruled in favor of Mbada Diamonds to allow the largest diamond mine in the Marange diamond deposits to return and assume control of all its assets, thus overturning a government order last week to the nine mining firms operating in the area to stop mining operation because their licenses had expired. Zimbabwe's High Court on Monday ruled that Mbada should have full control of its assets, Reuters reported. In the interim judgment seen by Reuters on Tuesday, the ministry of mines was ordered to let Mbada's security personnel have access to the company's mining site in Marange, the newswire reported.

"As a contingency plan pending the hearing of this matter ... (minister of mines) shall allow such security personnel full access to all the relevant premises thereat, including residential premises, full access to all the equipment, diamond ore and any other assets," Judge Joseph Mafusire said. A full hearing on whether Mbada can resume mining will be held on Wednesday. However, Mines Minister Walter Chidhakwa told Reuters that the government would launch an appeal on Tuesday, which would automatically suspend Monday's ruling, meaning the story is set to carry on running for some time yet. "We believe in the original position that we took and we stand by that decision. The Attorney General will launch an appeal this morning," said Chidhakwa.