Editorial: Zimbabwe Must Guard Diamond Fields to Protect Legitimacy

26/02/2016 10:28

There is need to urgently come up with effective interventions to rein in chaos ignited by the order for the miners to immediately stop operations. It is not a secret that what transpired [in the chaos of years gone by] damaged the country's image ... we should not invite this upon ourselves again at a time when Zimbabwe has more pressing issues ... The U.N. has placed embargos on conflict diamonds, a tag Zimbabwe's enemies can easily place on the country if the situation in Chiadzwa is allowed to spiral out of control ... It is against this background [Kimberley Process and Clean Diamond Act] that Government must do all in their might to ensure that no room is left for Zimbabwe's diamonds to be labelled conflict diamonds.

- Editorial in Zimbabwe Herald after reports of looters storming Marange diamond fields following government order for miners to close