Zimbabwe's Mugabe to Continue in Power 'Until God Says Come'

Finance and Trade
18/02/2016 08:49

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe turns 92 on Sunday and, apparently, has no intention of stepping down, Reuters reports. He is Africa's oldest leader and the only president Zimbabwe has known since independence in 1980. But his reluctance to step down is causing a long-running battle in his ZANU-PF party and is distracting ministers from dealing with a stagnating economy and the worst drought in a generation. "Amid this looming starvation, coupled with an economy on the ropes, no one is paying attention to this national crisis," said main opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai. "There is no government response as ZANU-PF is too pre-occupied with the succession issue of President Mugabe."

Despite its diamond wealth and once-thriving agricultural, the country's jobless rate is around 85 percent while three million people – about a quarter of the population – is in need of food aid. Meanwhile, Mugabe plans to contest the next election in 2018 aged 94, seeking his last five-year term under a new constitution that would see him through to the age of 99.