KP Chair UAE Wants Venezuela to Join Body and to Stabilize Situation in CAR

Finance and Trade
15/02/2016 07:41

The UAE is also making efforts to have Partnership Africa Canada rejoin the process after civil society groups withdrew from the KP in protest at the UAE's election as 2016 Chair, Dubai Diamond Exchange Chairman Peter Meeus tells IDEX Online. "Their non-participation in the Kimberley Process in 2016 under UAE’s chairmanship is a source of deep regret. We have now reached the point where the World Diamond Council (WDC) has agreed to mediate the matter between the two sides. We have prepared a proposal for how to proceed with the WDC and there will be an announcement in the very near future." On the issue of bank financing for the diamond business, Meeus said the National Bank of Fujairah’s opening of a diamond financing office at the DMCC last year was an important step, and is confident that other banks will follow.