UK Jewelry Study: Clear Consumer Demand For Grading Reports

12/02/2016 09:32

The vast majority of British jewelry buyers want to receive an independent grading report when buying a diamond, yet only 42% actually receive one, according to a study by De Beers' International Institute of Diamond Grading & Research. The study into attitudes towards diamond grading reports in the UK market reveals a huge “gulf” between what customers want and market reality. Most respondents said they strongly believed that grading reports raise confidence in a sale and the value of the diamond, however only around half of those that wanted one when buying a diamond received it.

More than 80% said that an independent grading report increases confidence in the retailer, or trust in the diamond’s source, while 56% responded that an independent grading report made them believe a diamond was worth more. Overall, 91% of respondents said that an independent grading report would make them more likely to buy a piece of diamond jewelry from a retailer.