Mark Boston: Lab Grown Marketing Strategy Ignores Facts

Opinion piece
01/02/2016 21:15

In a Gemkonneckt blogpost, industry veteran Mark Boston enunciates how lab-grown producers such as The Diamond Foundry seem to be using unsubstantiated anti-natural diamond industry rhetorics as a marketing strategy. Referring to Diamond Foundry Maarten De Witte’s reply to Rob Bates’ Open Letter To Leonardo DiCaprio, Boston cites the development of the regional Antwerp (Kempen) and Indian manufacturing hubs as examples of how the diamond industry has been and is contributing to the prosperity of both communities and economies. In both cases different communities started to collaborate, Boston argues, creating opportunities and economic growth in what were rural regions before.

“The ensuing debate showed that while the trade has no problem competing with lab created diamonds as long as they are a clearly declared and differentiated product category, it really takes issue with the way it's promoters’ sole USP seems to be the constant propagation of a defamatory narrative about an industry which, according to the Word Diamond Council, employs some 10 million people worldwide. An industry which has economically empowered not just communities, but countries too (lifting Botswana from poverty)”