Campaign Encourages Women To Pop Question with $2,500 Engagement Ring

18/01/2016 14:36

Under the motto, "If you want it done right, do it yourself", Belgian publication Flair Magazine has launched an "Ask him to marry you" campaign to encourage women to reverse traditional roles and propose to their partners. It will award a $2,500 diamond engagment ring, donated by the Antwerp World Diamond Centre, to the most original marriage proposal. While it may seem obvious in the 21st century that women proposing to men is fine - a 2014 Associated poll found that 75% of Americans say it would be fine for the woman to do the proposing, and nearly half of single women who hope to get married someday say they would consider proposing - it is obvious in theory alone. In practice, only about 5% of those currently married say the woman proposed, and more than a third of people under 30 do not like the idea of a female proposal. There is clearly a long way to go before Millennials embrace female proposals as the new normal.