JCK's Rob Bates on Jewelry, Diamond Sales End 2015 and Beyond

Market Analysis
14/01/2016 11:06

For the last few years, the [jewelry] industry has posted small but steady growth - usually in the single digits. This holiday looks to continue this pattern. Sales grew, but not by a huge amount ... At the Forevermark cocktail party on Jan. 11, De Beers CEO Philippe Mellier said his stats showed sales for both the holiday season and the year rose 7% at Forevermark jewelers ... Concerning the diamond business in general, the overall (but certainly not absolute) consensus is that it is starting to bottom out, and we should see a turnaround by this summer. One possible danger is the ripple effect. Clearly, the dramatic cessation of buying this year was out of proportion to the moderate drop in demand. Yet, if things improve, companies could overreact in the other direction, buy too many goods, and end up stuck again.