Designing The Jewelry of Downton Abbey

07/01/2016 12:48

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) spoke with Andrew Prince, a designer with an encyclopedic knowledge of jewelry history and impeccable credentials, about designing the jewelry for seasons three and four of the wildly popular TV series, Downton Abbey. Prince brought an art historian’s eye to his jewelry. Even the stones were fashioned to mirror the cutting styles of the Edwardian and Art Deco eras. Unlike most costume jewelry used on movie and television sets, Prince’s was made of bronze, brass, sterling silver, palladium, Swarovski crystals, cubic zirconia, and synthetic gemstones. “I particularly love the Belle Époque," Prince told GIA, "such refinement and delicacy. Design mattered more than the monetary value of the stones and precious metals used. The beauty of jewelry from that age lay in its construction. It was all so different and opulent.” Click through to the article to view his fantastic designs used in the series.