The Most Popular Time to Propose? Christmas Eve, Says Facebook

Fun Facts
27/12/2015 08:30

Facebook knows about relationships due to its users' 'relationship status' function. When any of its 1.4 billion users moves in or out of a relationship, Facebook knows. Of the 156 million users in the United States 2.6 million changed their status to “engaged” last year, reports The Jewelers Blog. Turns out the most popular days for getting down on bended knee are Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day and Valentine’s Day, meaning that, ironically, the day everyone assumes to be the most romantic for proposals actually come in fourth.

The median age is 24, and 30% of all “engaged” status updates take place during November and December. "Why is Christmas Eve such a popular time to get engaged? The best answer seems to be romance and family. Experts believe that many grooms-to-be get swept up in the romance of the festive season, which also allows for quality time with loved ones, family and friends. Most men still ask for the parents’ blessing before popping the question, and the holidays make that communication much more convenient. A winter engagement also gives the couple enough time to prepare a summer or fall wedding. In previous bridal surveys, men admitted that proposing during Christmas was more likely to 'get a yes'. Facebook reveals that more men pop the question on Christmas Eve than at any other time."