Diamcor Introduces New Tech to Recover Oversized Rough Diamonds

Mining and Exploration
23/12/2015 11:20

Diamcor Mining Inc has announced the installation of a deposit-specific crushing circuit, along with Tomra XRT diamond recovery technology, for the processing of material in the +26.0mm size fractions at its Krone-Endora at Venetia project in South Africa. "The selection and installation of this equipment is aimed at achieving the effective liberation of oversized materials, while reducing the potential breakage of larger diamonds through a selective crushing system. The Tomra system was chosen based on its demonstrated operational benefits and the exceptional results demonstrated at various other projects testing and using this new diamond recovery system." Lucara Diamonds, for instance, used this same technology to recover its large stones this past autumn - diamonds that would otherwise have been crushed.

The Tomra XRT diamond recovery technology provides the added benefit of being a “dry system”, and thus does not require water like many other X-ray final recovery systems. Diamcor believes this technology may ultimately enhance overall processing capacities, increase efficiencies, and is the optimum solution for the effective treatment of the oversize material at the Ventia Project.