Trader Comments on Diamond Market: Huge Discounts on Lower Quality Stones

21/12/2015 11:42

From polishedprices Weekly Market Report: Traders reported some last minute orders in the run up to Christmas in the main US market. In Asia, all hopes are on the next big sales season during the Chinese New Year next month. In the wider market, traders said tight supplies in certain areas was driving up prices.“Polished is reacting to shortages in certain items,” said one trader. “These are moving with higher prices, but are well made goods only,” he said.  In lower quality polished, inventory levels remain high. Some traders reported heavy discounting by diamond firms to replenish inventory in goods with a lower make. “It seems that the inventory of many companies must look quite awful. Low demand in 2015 meant that buyers became more and more demanding on the make. The remainder of the unsold goods in inventory are not the most gorgeous ones. Discounts are huge,” one trader said.