Registration Opens For Jewelry Industry Summit

16/12/2015 10:02

The two-day Jewelry Industry Summit, which aims to provide a forum for all parts of the diamond and jewelry industry to discuss sourcing issues, is due to take place at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City from March 11 to 13. Also attending will be representatives of government and NGOs, as well as consumer and marketing experts and service providers such as banks and industry trade associations.

“Consumers care about where their products are sourced today, there’s no longer any question,” said Lita Asscher, president of Royal Asscher and a member of its planning committee, in a statement cited by JCK. “That means it’s important for the future health of all of our businesses. And though there are a number of excellent responsible-sourcing programs out there, there’s never been an industry-wide consensus on what constitutes a vision all stakeholders can support. The summit is organized to hear all viewpoints, from miners to retailers.”