DiamondCorp Calls Ramp Up of Lace Mine "Historic"

Mining and Exploration
16/12/2015 14:49

DiamondCorp today announced that production ramp up has commenced from the Upper K4 Block ("UK4") at the Lace mine, in the Free State Province of South Africa. It is significant milestone for the company, which has thus far has extracted diamonds from tailings or from the material brought to surface during mine development. Output from UK4 is scheduled to be 4,000 tons of ore per month from January to March next year, rising to 15,000 tons from April to June, before hitting a steady-state 30,000 tons a month thereafter. DiamondCorp Chief Executive Officer, Paul Loudon, said: "Today is an historic day for the Lace mine as it marks the start of the ramp up towards commercial production from underground at Lace for the first time since October 1930. Production to date has come from access development and tailings retreatment; from now on production will be dominated by mining development, stoping and block caving."