Pangolin Finds Eighth Diamond and Completes Detailed Gravity Survey

Mining and Exploration
15/12/2015 15:40

Pangolin Diamonds has announced the recovery of an eighth diamond from its wholly-owned Malatswae Diamond Project, in an area of the project that is located 105 km southeast of the Karowe diamond mine operated by Lucara Diamonds in Botswana. To date, seven of the eight diamonds recovered are white in color. The new discovery is one of four diamonds (three white and one brown) that have been reported from within an area of 0.32 km2. Olivine, ilmenites with reaction rims and a mantle xenolith, in addition to the four diamonds, have also been recovered from the same area. The presence of the unweathered olivine, mantle xenolith and ilmenites with reaction rims are indicative of a source like kimberlite in close proximity. A detailed gravity survey was completed over the same area, and all four diamonds are associated with anomalous gravity features. An unweathered kimberlitic olivine and a diamond have been recovered from samples directly over this gravity anomaly.