Dominion Diamond's CanadaMark Launches Brand Promoting Women’s Empowerment

Retail and Consumer Confidence
08/12/2015 23:13

Dominion Diamond's CanadaMark has announced a project to partner with jewelry designer Kara Ross on the December launch of "Diamonds Unleashed", a brand to promote and support women's empowerment. The mission is to engineer a great rethink about how diamonds are bought, given and perceived and then to use that shift as a platform to address issues that enable women to achieve their potential. Diamonds Unleashed has partnered with She's the First and Girls Who Code and will donate 100% net profits to each organization. 

Kara Ross has stated that, "[CanadaMark diamonds] are the epitome of an ethical brand partner. Canadian mines from where CanadaMark diamonds are sourced are completely committed to working with and benefiting their local Aboriginal community partners, protecting the environment and promoting a safe and healthy workplace with fair pay for all workers. The prestige of their diamonds speaks for the quality I would like my Diamonds Unleashed products to have," noted Ross.