Belgian Authorities Warn of Fake KP Certificate From Sierra Leone

01/12/2015 12:50

The Belgian authorities at AWDC’s Diamond Office have alerted the Kimberley Process team about a fake KP certificate from Sierra Leone that was confirmed by the Sierra Leone authorities. The KP has therefore called on all its members to be vigilant regarding shipments of rough diamonds accompanied by a Sierra Leone KP certificate. As for the certificate itself: the numbering on the certificate (4306) was a number range used in 2014. The parcel number is also incorrect. This number always ends with the certificate number; in this case it ends with the number 4911(JMI/GGDO/4199). Certificate 004911 has also been signalled as a fake certificate. The dotted lines on the certificate also do not correspond with the original specimen of the certificate from Sierra Leone. A photograph of the fraudulent certificate is available below.

The Antwerp Diamond Office controls every diamond shipment that enters or leaves Antwerp. These are verified and cleared by sworn experts, while each step is carefully monitored by the Government, FPS Economy and FPS Finance-Customs. On average, 30,000 out of more than 50,000 Kimberley Process Certificates worldwide are issued at the Diamond Office each year. The Diamond Office is the diamond import/export servive within the Antwerp World Diamond Centre.