Angola 's October Diamond Exports Fall 17% in Ct., 28% per Ct.

Mining and Exploration
01/12/2015 09:38

The Ministry of Geology and Mines reports that Angola exported 624,000 carats of diamonds last month worth $86.1 million, equalling an average price of $138 per carat. This represents year on year fall of 17% in volume, down from 751,000 carats in October 2014, and a 28% drop in price per carat. The average price was $192/ct. in 2014. Production in October reached 800,000 carats, an annual increase of 9.7%. In October industrial diamond production in Angola involved ten of the country’s 12 operating mines, with the Catoca mine, in Lunda Norte province, leading production with 576,776 carats. Angola earned $1.274 billion from 8.6 million carats of diamonds sold last year.