HRD Head: Undisclosed Synthetics Still a Challenge for Traders and Consumers

Finance and Trade
30/11/2015 10:24

HRD Antwerp CEO Peter Macken speaks about the work of the Antwerp lab and the services it offers, as well as some of the issues affecting the diamond industry. Macken states that, "As consumer demand for diamonds is forecasted to grow in the years ahead, undisclosed synthetic diamonds entering the market remains a challenge for traders and consumers alike. It therefore is very important that all lab-grown diamonds can be identified by a professional lab. It is the diamond industry’s responsibility to ensure the consumer is never misled. We at HRD Antwerp take this task to heart."

HRD also develops synthetic detection tools together with the Antwerp Scientific and Technical Research Center for Diamonds (WTOCD), including the D-Screen, the world's most compact screening device for diamonds, and the M-Screen which was recently launched in Hong Kong. "These state-of-the-art instruments serve one single purpose," says Macken, namely, "to offer the diamond industry the tools it needs to uphold a flawless reputation while enhancing consumer confidence."