World Diamond Council Seeking PR Firm

Retail and Consumer Confidence
20/11/2015 23:27

This week's Kimberley Process Plenary in Angola has not been without its share of controversy, with civil society announcing that it will not participate in a UAE-led KP in 2016 and World Diamond Council (WDC) President Edward Asscher welcoming the criticism (when justified) as well as participation of the NGOs. And while correlation does not imply causation, the WDC has now issued a request for proposal to a number of PR firms as it attempts to overcome challenges to its reputation and economic growth. According to The Holmes Report, the search was confirmed by executive director Patricia Syvrud, who declined to provide further details. The move comes as the diamond industry continues to face scrutiny from NGOs over its long-term efforts to phase out 'blood diamonds'. The WDC represents more than 50 diamond industry organizations, focusing specifically on the conflict diamond challenge.