WDC President Gives Diamond Industry Point of View at KP Meeting

Opinion piece
17/11/2015 23:31

We need to engage with the NGOs and embrace their scrutiny if their criticism of the system is justified. We all have blind spots, but we should never turn a blind eye to their findings. Where they are justified in their criticism, we should adjust; where they are wrong, we should tell them, without any doubt, professionally and openly ... We would deeply regret if the Civil Society Coalition would not attend next year's Intercessional and Plenary meetings in Dubai. It is up to the UAE to repair and improve this relationship, and we think it is the prime task of the UAE to do so before they take over the Chairmanship in 2016.

- World Diamond Council President Edward Asscher addresses the challenges and opportunities for the Kimberley Process and diamond industry at Plenary meeting in Angola