Things To Consider Before Investing in Diamonds

Opinion piece
12/11/2015 13:39

Yair Shimansky, CEO of Shimansky Diamonds and one of South Africa’s leading diamond experts, shares his insights with Mineweb regarding investing in diamonds. The first thing he clarifies is that, “Buying diamond jewelry is not a financial investment. It’s an emotional investment in your relationship. Walk away from the jeweler who tells you to buy a diamond ring because ‘it is a good financial investment’." The point is that if you are interested in including diamonds in your financial investment portfolio, you need to be playing in a whole different ball game with an eye on investment diamonds. Investment diamonds offer an unparalleled way to solidly condense your wealth into small, highly moveable assets, but as Shimansky says, "You need to go much further than (the 4C's) to make effective investments in diamonds.” You need to know the market, what you are looking for and you want to focus "on size, quality and rarity." In short, “Investing in diamonds is not for everyone”, and unless you are highly experienced, get a trusted advisor and guide.