Both Sides Lose As EGL Court Battle Ends in a Draw

10/11/2015 08:39

A court battle between EGL USA and the global European Gemological Laboratory network that has lasted for 11 years has ended with both sides losing, according to a report in JCK. The court case began in 2004 with the European Gemological Laboratory network and EGL founder Guy Margel, who died in 2012, filing suit against EGL USA in February 2004, claiming breach of contract related to royalties stemming from the two sides’ 1986 licensing agreement. The EGL network also disputed EGL USA’s attempt to enforce a border ban that would prevent other EGL reports from entering the United States, but it eventually dropped those claims.

EGL USA director Mitch Jakubovic said that "given the time and expense invested in the proceeding, it would have preferred a different outcome. At this point, the decision doesn’t have any material impact on EGL USA. While the judge was deliberating, life and work moved on.” EGL USA does not plan to continue the case, he added. The European Gemological Laboratory network declined comment, JCK added.