Karelian Diamonds / Rio Tinto Report Strong Kimberlite Sampling in Finland

Mining and Exploration
09/11/2015 11:15

Karelian Diamond Resources, an Irish diamond exploration company focused on Finland that has a confidentiality agreement with Rio Tinto (RT), has announced that RT Mining and Exploration Limited has identified high category rating diamondiferous kimberlite indicator minerals in the Rihiivaara area of Finland. Karelian provided the samples to RT, which then conducted tests in their Melbourne Laboratories. The presence of diamondiferous kimberlite indicator minerals together with the discovery nearby of the kimberlite body enhances the diamond potential of the area. Professor Richard Conroy, Chairman commented: “These are truly excellent results that confirm the potential within the target area, in particular the presence of the G10(D) Garnets which have proven to be positive indicators of diamonds in the past. As a result we remain very confident that the hard work by both Rio Tinto and our team will lead to an important new discovery.”