Market Comments from Rapaport

Market Analysis
06/11/2015 12:23

From their weekly snippets of industry sentiment across the major markets, Rapaport News writes that India is seeing steady trading activity with buyers looking for goods before next week’s Diwali break, there is steady demand from U.S. and slight improvement in China/Hong Kong orders. Meanwhile rough demand is weak as manufacturing activity remains low. Many factories will be closing early for the festival. Elsewhere, shortages of the finest select goods are helping to stabilize the market with improvement in U.S. memo demand as holiday season approaches. Hong Kong trading is very weak, though has seen some improvement in with dealers starting to fill Chinese New Year orders, and there are rising expectations for the season as government data suggests Chinese retail resisting economic slowdown. Israel has seen slight improvement but trading is below pre-holiday expectations, while Belgium's rough and polished markets were slow, though improvement is expected after Diwali. While it has seen some U.S. demand for specific goods, Europe and Far East are still very quiet.