Diamond Advertising: Why Not “For Women. Forever”?

Retail and Consumer Confidence
05/11/2015 21:44

Michelle Graff of National Jeweler considers De Beers/Forevermark's new holiday commercial (It’s a Long Journey to Become the One), which revisits the "A Diamond is Forever" theme of yesteryear, and wonders why De Beers did not take this opportunity to show where Forevermark diamonds come from and how they are helping the communities where they are mined. "Why didn’t Forevermark emphasize its responsibly sourced origins in this year’s holiday advertising campaign?" They could have. 

Graff reports that De Beers hired a National Geographic photographer to travel to Africa and document the good Forevermark diamonds do there, specifically for the environment and the advancement of women. While in Africa, the photographer, Annie Griffiths, took some time to document what De Beers is doing specifically to improve the lives of women there. “Women,” she says, “are the best investment we can make in our shared future,” and she’s right, says Graff. A family, and as a result, a nation will be stronger if women are empowered, and that is exactly what De Beers is doing in Africa. It’s a powerful story to tell about a product that, the vast majority of the time, is being bought by or for women.